Friday, March 13, 2009

How crazy am I?

Have you seen Knitty's new Shipwreck Shawl? Go look; I'll wait.

*hums tunelessly*

*ducks book thrown*

Just how much of a masochist am I? I whined and bitched the whole way through my Endless Test Knit Shawl for Claudia last summer; do I really want to try to knit yet another endless shawl--this one with 5000 tiny glass beads??? Each having to be prestrung by me?

Yes. Yes, I do want that shawl.

It's knit with Knitpicks Bare sock yarn (silk, yet), which is pretty inexpensive, then hand-dyed a faded deep blue. I'm not a shawl person, but oh, this one is so pretty.

I've been floundering this week with that damned DST crap and haven't been able to find both the patterns and the yarn for something that I'd like to knit. Last night I finally pulled out a "ballet" slipper (felted) pattern and started knitting a pair with some of my freebie Claudia yarn. I'm not terribly enthusiastic about that project, but it'll do for now.

Oh my. What to do.

And does anyone know where I could have put my copy of Twilight? I searched for it last night and it's nowhere. I'm driving Tom crazy.


Trillian said...

that's insane

beautiful though

rita said...

Yeah, I thought so. Both.

Turtle said...

i was looking at it too, it is a bit intimidating though.

Elaine said...

I'd call it overwhelming. I knit once with beads and it was actually fun, but it was only an evening purse and so the number of beads was much more limited.

rita said...

It does look to be overwhelming, but I'm so drawn to it!

I've only knit with beads once. I won't speak of it again.