Monday, November 28, 2011

Googling Fantasy Fest photos over there in Iran? Well, here ya go.

Something like 1227 hits this month?  And all of them but ONE are for either nekkid photos of Fantasy Fest 2011 or photos of Rob Pattinson.  Sorry, ladies, no nekkid photos of Rob.

That one google was for The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet, a book that I read as a child and was fortunate enough to buy a few years ago.  There were two or three books in that series and I loved them.  Oddly enough, Tom, when he was a child, lived near the woman (Eleanor Cameron) who wrote the books and spent time at her house with a friend of his.

Okay, okay, the pictures from Fantasy Fest 2011, Key West, Florida.

Remember this guy from last year?  He was that really horrific version of Sponge Bob.  Odd how some...*things* stick in our minds......

As the two photos above illustrate so incredibly well, some people just shouldn't do the nekkid thing in public.

I *really* wish I could have gotten a photo of this woman's face.  She has to be at least 80, and look at those perky boobs :)

^ *shudder* ^

Just before I took this ^ photo, the uh gentleman was pole-dancing.

^ There are no words..... ^

When I took this ^ photo, I honestly didn't know what would show up.  

Poor man, he was carrying *real* pistols and swords.  His buddy kind of melted into the crowd.

Please, just kill me if I EVER even *think* of doing something like this ^.

It's covered with rhinestones.....

^ Hands down, the most elegant entry ^

I sure wish I could find out just what the cop is searching for ^

Really, look at the above two photos.  Is that *EVER* a good idea?

Men in the crowd encouraged her to show more.  She did.

Well, friends, that's it for this year.  If you happen to find these photos, please leave a comment.  I feel so....used........