Thursday, March 12, 2009

How I spent most of my morning OR I caved

I just preordered this. Yes, I caved.

After finishing Breaking Dawn Friday night, I've been.....unsettled. I'm having a hard time reading normal books, books that I usually love: funny books (not comics, just humorous stuff), detective/murder/mystery books, or in the case of Tim Dorsey's books, funny/detective/murder/mystery books.

I'm sort-of semi-enthusiastically reading Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews, writer of Savannah Blues, which I loved. It's entertaining, but damn, I need some Twilight.

But I can't find it anywhere. It's driving me crazy. I put that book on the shelf in our bedroom when I finished reading it months ago, and I have not touched it. That I remember. I borrowed and read New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn in the last three weeks (actually, a kid loaned me Breaking Dawn in January, but I had to wait to borrow and read the other two before I got to that one) (hmmm, I need to find out just who that kid is and give it back to him) (maybe), and I know that Twilight was on that bookshelf while I was reading them.

Where did I put it? I probably picked it up during one of my Ambien Ambles, possibly Friday night as I lay in bed thinking about the series and "fell asleep". But where did I put it? I've looked everywhere that I can think I may have left it. Under the couch, under the headboard of the bed, on other bookshelves, in the pile of my stuff in the bedroom and the box (of my stuff) that I'm supposed to have put away, etc. I cannot find it. I don't want to buy another one; the first was a gift from the library, and I'd only read it once, and I don't want to have to buy that one plus the other three.

(I know. Tom's reading it but he doesn't want me to know that he's reading a girly-vampire-werewolf-romance-bodice-ripper.)

I saw that Costco has the set of four hardbacks for $46, which is a bargain if you like hardbacks, but I really like the big paperbacks. They're easier for me to handle and to hold on to with one hand when I'm eating (yet another reason that my weight isn't dropping). That size paperback opens so easily, and I don't have to crack the spine (which drives Tom crazy) to hold it open. I've got delicate wrists; it hurts to hold those things open.

So I decided that I have to own the movie, since I'm not going to rent it, and iTunes will charge $15 for the download. I googled "Twilight dvd" and found a site (which I cannot remember; maybe Twilight Lexicon ? (As we all know, I'm far too lazy to check that link out before I post this, so it'll have to wait a while.) If I don't like it, I can give it away. (Maybe a Twilight contest?) Or sell it. Although I imagine that everyone who wants it will have it by the time I get it.

But wait--there's more. I chose the Target one because it comes with a "free" iTunes download available on March 21, the day the movie is released on dvd (as if you didn't already know that, duh). Amazon has a 24-hour rental-download, but 24 hours might not be enough. What if I really like it and want to watch it again before it's delivered (between March 26 and 30, supposedly)? Amazon's costs the same, and Target's comes with a third dvd of videos and stuff) (which will, no doubt, all be available on YouTube by 12:31 a.m. on the 21st).

AND, even better, one of my sisters gave me a $25 Target gift card for Christmas, which I keep forgetting about, so I still have it. Or did. It ended up costing about $2.

It wasn't an easy thing to order. The website kept kicking me back to the sign-in page when I tried to check out, or it told me that there were no items in my cart, or there were 3 items in my cart, or some such nonsense. I ended up calling their customer service number; a very nice lady (Dawn, I think) placed the order for me, assuring me that the website is not usually that difficult to use.

So we all know what I'll be doing on Saturday, March 21.

After I sleep till noon, that is.


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Huh?? I think I got lost. You've already read all the books in the series but want to read them again? You read all the books but the first one? Did you buy the books or the DVD? My brain is a little foggy today due to allergies and I can't retain information.

Anonymous said...

p.s. Vampires scare me and I can't even stand to look at the DVD/book covers!

Jenny Girl said...

I loved these books and I thought Breaking Dawn was the best next to Twilight. My mom and I both enjoyed the movie and felt they did a good job. Book to movie translations can be tough. I say just buy the movie.
I heard the soundtrack was killer too.
Glad you liked the books :)

rita said...

I stopped taking Neurontin and I'm hoping my brain will come back. It makes sense to me; you mean you can't understand what I'm thinking???

I read Twilight in October, then a kid loaned me the 4th one in January, but I didn't read that one until I borrowed the other two a few weeks ago. Now I've read all of them and want to reread the first one, to see if I pick up anything I missed the first time around. You know me. I can't remember anything, although I'm retaining far too much of this Twilight stuff for some reason.

These aren't Stephen King vampires, for the most part. Garlic doesn't repel them. Silver bullets won't stop the werewolves, either.

But I've always loved to read this crap.

They're not even that well-written. Neither is the Da Vinci Code, and I like that.

I love Breaking Dawn. I think it was a tie between that and Twilight. Twilight was so new to me, and now I want to reread them. I'm hooked.

And I pre-ordered the movie and will watch it on iTunes on March 21! Want to watch it with me, Betty?????

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

Kara loved the books, too. She tried to get me to read them, but I told her that I don't do vampires. She said these aren't like regular vampires. I said I still can't read them. I read a Dean Koontz book one time and some images are still in my brain that I don't want there.

I hope you enjoy the movie, but I'll have to skip's hard enough to get a good night's sleep these days!

rita said...


Elaine said...

Hey - maybe the vampire books are on tape - then you can be lulled to sleep by them. Just a suggestion. :-)

I'm with Betty - vampires don't do a thing for me, and although I go to sleep listening to mysteries and thrillers all the time, I don't do the gory ones either awake or asleep. My favorites are the nice "benign" ones like Ellis Peters' Cadfael (wonderful reader), anything by Dick Francis (also a good reader), Diane Mott Davidson (Goldie Schultz, the caterer who is guaranteed to encounter a murder during every job), Sue Grafton ... and lots of others.

rita said...

I've heard that Edward's voice, as read on the cds, is so wrong that they're impossible to listen to.

I read a lot of gory mysteries/detective/love stories. I've learned to just skim over parts that I don't want to get in my head.