Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hello? Is anyone out there?

I've been lazy. That's nothing new, but the longer it gets since my last blog, the harder it is to get started again. And there's so much to blog about.

I'm still unemployed and loving it. I got my last "real" paycheck today; it's going to be painful when that's not available next month. But it's not enough to make me get out and pound the pavements begging for a job. I like this sleeping till noon and staying up till 3 a.m. I'm reading lots and lots of books, knitting baby things hoping to sell them (and thus eliminate the need for a "real" job), playing in the pool a couple of times a day, running the vacuum occasionally (and picking up furballs of cat hair far too frequently; we now have my daughter's two cats, Rex and Little Marie, in addition to Chester and Beghera), thinking about getting a dog (Chihuahua; mix is okay, no puppies, please), meeting the neighbors (tonight I met the lady who walks her two Min Pins on leash while her scarlet macaw rides on her arm; I played with the dogs, stayed away from the macaw's beak).

In other words, life is fun, sort of like vacationing in a ratty cottage with a sort-of kitchen but a super cool pool. Wait--that's exactly what it IS. We're vacationing in a ratty cottage with a sort-of kitchen and a super-cool pool and a really great mattress set.

No tv, but occasionally we watch something online. It would be nice if we had something larger than a 12.1" monitor, but I bought a set of $20 speakers so the sound is good.

Maybe now I'll actually start blogging again. I have tons of photos to show, and I can tell about how we participated in a promo video for Tim Dorsey's new book, Electric Barracuda, and how I knit on camera and had my own line and everything.

If anyone is still out there......