Wednesday, April 25, 2007

This just in

Wow. It pays to leave things lying around instead of taking them home.

Last month the art department here had a faculty/staff art show. I submitted a few felted bowls that I'd made, and when I picked them up, I stuck them on my desk instead of going to the trouble of carrying them home. Today a woman stopped in to talk and saw the bowls and bought one. With actual money.

Okay, it was a check, but I can probably turn it into real money.

Why does a woman who rarely wears makeup carry all this stuff with her?

Happy sock

Poor Neo's sock. All brown and sad-looking. And too short.

While we were in Florida, in the car, I got to the last 12 stitches of the second sock, so pleased with myself that I was finishing it before cold weather next winter. That's when it jumped up and bit me in the butt. It's one inch too short. TOO SHORT. Since I'm not long on patience, I balled that puppy up and buried in the bottom of my KnitKnackSack™ and pulled out some springy, happy pink and purple mostly-cotton yarn and cast on for another sock.

I will finish your socks, Neo, I promise, and before it gets cold again (although if it's cold again this week, that doesn't count), and once I find that gorgeous blue yarn you chose, I'll make you a pair of happy socks to go with the depressing socks.

For now, though, I've got me a Happy Sock.

Monday, April 23, 2007

More Adventures of Neo's Sock

Neo's sock goes to Gatorland

Neo's sock at Leu Gardens in Orlando

For Joan

More Florida photos from April

I should never save anything as a draft. I'd totally forgotten this one.

Gatorland photos

Feedin' time


Croc facts

Cypress knees

Feathering the nest

More swamp


These are gonna just be a hodgepodge of photos. I don't have the energy to sort them out. They were taken at the Quality Inn in Orlando, Leu Gardens in Orlando, the side of the road in Ft. Lauderdale (iguanas), and Gatorland in Orlando.

Ft. Lauderdale roadside iguanas


Another iguana

Bird of Paradise, Gatorland

A jumps into the pool

Another roadside iguana

Leu Garden

Nesting bird, Gatorland

Roadside iguana
What??? I like them.


Another jump

Gator Farm, Everglades

Catchin' dinner

Donna with a baby alligator

Ft. Lauderdale Roadside Iguana Camp

Donna's house

Leu Gardens, Orlando

Bamboo, Leu Garden

More bamboo

Leu Gardens fan palm

Carved bamboo

Orange blossom