Monday, March 16, 2009

Found, one book

I was wrong. Tom was right.

Twilight was never on the bookselves in our bedroom. I read that a couple of months before he moved the bookshelf into the room. I found Twilight while I was searching for....oh yeah, Twilight. I spend about half of my time at home searching for one thing or another because Tom has this...thing...for putting things away, not leaving them in piles as I like to do.

Anyway, it was in a box with other books I'd gotten as part of this Teacher Reads thing at school. I hadn't looked in there before; all I saw in it were some balls of yarn and some books I didn't want right then.

One bonus of this search is that I found the pattern to my coral bamboo Tropical Tee that I started back in the summer. I hadn't worked on it since September, and the pattern was, of course, separated from the part I'd finished and the rest of the yarn. I'm knitting it in the round, and I'd finished from the bottom to the armholes. Over the weekend I knit the back from there and started (and got a good bit done) on the front.

At some point last week, I ran across the remaining yarn for the top. Now, of course, I can't remember where I saw it. I'm down to the last ball and I need it soon.

I guess I need to go back into that room and search some more.


Knitting Nurd said...

So Tom is a 'thing putter awayer', huh? Sometimes I call Scooter 'the organizer', kind of like that piece of art called 'The Scream' It is absolutely critical that everything is put back in its proper place! I was beginning to think he might have a touch of OCD, but sounds like it might be a guy thing??
I remember your Tropical Tee. I'm looking forward to seeing a pic of you wearing it!!!!

rita said...

My ex-husband never put things away. His filing system was a huge nail hammered through a square of wood, and he'd slap receipts on it.

An ex-boyfriend NEVER unpacked when he moved into his new house (three years AFTER he built it--because that meant he'd have to pack stuff to move it in the first place). Last time I was there he still had boxes full of clothes and shit all over the house. And his garage (3-car) was full of it, too.

So, maybe a GOOD GUY thing?

I found the yarn last night and am getting closer to finishing the thing. I'm working on the front now; another 1.5 inches and I can knit the neck, then the sleeve edges.

So, yeah, about time I finished it, huh?