Monday, March 16, 2009

Target is my new BFF

Last week I pre-ordered Twilight, The Movie from Target because they offer a free download the day the movie is released (midnight Saturday morning, in case you're counting). I was happy enough to pay $22.99, since that free download is a pretty good incentive (Amazon offers a free "rental" for 24 hours), especially since I have a $25 gift card.

Yesterday I got an email from Target announcing that the price on the movie had dropped $5, so they're passing the savings on to me.

Pretty cool.


Domie's Mom said...

Ohh, I am readying New Moon, the second in the collection. I am up in arms about if I want to see the movie or not.
Please blog about it when you see it. I just have such characters created in my imagination!

rita said...

Me too! At first I wasn't going to see the movie, but damn, I've gotten sucked right into the middle of the whole thing.

It amazes me that teenagers AND grown (mostly) women love this book series so much!

It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the guy who plays Edward in the movie; I mean, he's nothing like I imagined Edward. But I've kind of grown accustomed to him now, and I hear he does a really good job.

Bella sounds just like I thought she would, but she's much prettier than Bella herself would say she was.

Geez, can you tell that I've been watching videos on YouTube???

Elaine said...

Gee, I never heard of a company lowering a price after the fact. It should happen to me!

I hope you enjoy it in spite of having read the books.

smariek said...

So cool for Target to pass on the savings. I still haven't read the book, I'm hoping to get my hands on it within a month.

Rachel O said...

I'm sure we'll get to hear how the movie is soon from our own personal reviewer. I haven't read the books - I really don't think I'd like either the vampire or romance genre.

rita said...

I don't care for romance novels, either. Too gushy. I wouldn't have like this one either (or even read it) if 1) I'd had to buy Twilight myself, and 2) a bunch of kids that I like raved about the series and loaned me books 2-4. Now, of course, I have to buy them, dammit.

'Salem's Lot was the first Stephen King novel that I read (waaayyyy back in 1977), about vampires, and it was so matter of fact, like they really exist. And I read a LOT of sci fi in high school, so I'm hard-wired toward such things.

You won't get any specifics when I "review" the movie; my mind doesn't work that way. It'll be impressions. If only you all could read my mind (hmmmm, like Edward can read everyone's thoughts except Bella's). Maybe I'll need photos to pass along my thoughts, because they're rarely solid.

tom said...

Watch out for FMRI's They're getting so good pretty soon they will be able to read your mind. That's the truth.

Can you tell what I'm thinking now? It involves yarn :-)