Thursday, January 22, 2009


So it seems that there's this national toner shortage.

At least, Xerox is having one.

They never send enough toner. I'm always having to call and request more, even though I send in our copy counts every freaking month. Every month I get an email that I'll have more toner by the 22nd of the month, and I'm always out before that and have to call for more.

Today is the freaking 22nd. No toner arrived. I put the last bottle in one of the copiers day before yesterday and one copier is totally out. Yesterday was the first day of the second semester, so this is not a good time for there to be a toner shortage.

So I called Xerox to request more, and fast. And I was told that there is none. In any of their warehouses. And they don't know when there'll be any.

Since keeping my job depends on there being enough demand for copies (and being able to meet that demand in a timely fashion), I freaked. Then I called the middle school to see if we could borrow some.

And they have plenty. Plenty. Xerox won't send me enough to keep us going, yet in a time of toner famine, they have plenty.

Thank God.

*UPDATE* Their toner bottle didn't fit my machines. *sigh*

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Knitting Nurd said...

Hmmmm..wonder if that has something to do with them using all their money to buy out IKON? Yep, if I were still working for IKON, I would now be owned by Xerox..we all saw it coming though. Sign of the times.