Friday, January 23, 2009

Disaster averted

Oddly enough (or maybe not), Mr. Copy Tech Guy hadn't heard a word about a nationwide toner shortage. I called him early this morning to see if he could score me some toner.

An hour later, bless his heart, he showed up with two bottles of toner. Since I managed to score one bottle from the guidance department, I'm sitting pretty for a week or two.

Mr. CTG said that his manager hadn't heard anything about a shortage so he's looking into it. Maybe it's just for our particular copiers. Maybe it'll just go away.

Maybe I'll have to borrow Joan's flying monkeys.


Anonymous said...

If you need them, you may borrow my flying monkeys. But I want 'em back before long. Never know when I'll need 'em.

tom said...

Glad your disaster was averted! Those flying monkeys can be nasty at times.