Sunday, January 04, 2009


This is the cat bed that I knit for A's kitten, Marie. I knit it of Claudia's Chunky in the Pink Dot colorway and edged it with pink fake fur yarn. (Kitty Pi pattern, available on Ravelry.) I took this photo of B2 wearing it to show the size it was before felting.


So how'd that turn out, you ask? Notsogreat. As a matter of fact, it did not felt at all. Not one little bit. I put it through 45 minutes of agitation in extremely hot water, and it didn't shrink at all. This is 100% merino, and I've never come across merino that wouldn't felt. (My $100 Oven Mitt is testimony of that all-wool-felts axiom. And it was 50% silk, too.) Even after 15 minutes on high heat in the dryer, it hadn't felted a bit.

This is the first of Claudia's yarn that I've tried to felt. I'm glad that I didn't buy that 3 hanks of Chunky. I could possibly unravel it and try to use it for something else, but the hot water didn't do anything for the color. The blues ran and it's not the prettiest shade anymore.

I've got some odds and ends of her Felt Me in my stash; I guess I'll try to felt that and see what happens.

But I bet that if I went to the trouble to use that Chunky yarn to knit something really time-consuming and accidentally washed it in warm water, it'd felt. Right away.

Just like that $100 Oven Mitt.


Knitting Nurd said...

Awwww, darn!!! Would've loved to have seen it I'm sure y'all would've too! Love the colorway though...:=)

rita said...

Yeah, it's really pretty. I guess its GOOD that the yarn won't felt, actually, but I bet it would if we didn't want it to!!!