Monday, January 05, 2009


Here I am in the MCO terminal, and it's past time for my flight to leave. Conflicting reports have it due to bad weather in the DC area (where the plane is leaving) or a mechanical problem. Rumor also has it that the same AirTran flight last night was delayed due to smoke in the cabin.

I don't want to leave the warmth of Florida, but I don't want to spend the time in the airport waiting for the plane to get here.

As it was, we would have probably gotten to Betty's house around 1 a.m.; now it'll be closer to 3. I haven't slept much in the past couple of nights, so I'm ready to sleep NOW. And I have to be at work tomorrow morning at 7:30.

Wouldn't you know it, I left my regular phone charger in my book bag at home, and I forgot to charge the phone in the car today, and it's almost dead. Tom is already at Mom and Dad's house waiting for my flight to get in. And, there are no electric receptacles in sight and the laptop battery won't last much longer.

We did get $10 food/beverage vouchers, but we ate a big late lunch at Disney World, so I won't be eating again tonight. Luckily it can be used in other airports at other times. We also got $25 vouchers toward travel; that makes $50 I've gotten in the last 7 months.

Hmmmm, it might be worth that $50 plus $19 to fly business class tonight......

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