Sunday, January 04, 2009

For Liz

My youngest niece, Liz, has had an occasional visitor at night for 15 years. That's when they moved into an old house and evidentally inherited the resident ghost.

Liz slept in the little room in the attic (it really was a room; she didn't just have to sleep in the attic). Occasionally she'd wake up and see an old man scowling at her. After her initial fright, she kind of got used to it.

Now she's grown up and on her own, but her ghost still is following her.

One of her clients suddenly asked her if she had lived in an old house. Yeesssss. She asked if Liz had ever sensed a presence there, a malevolent presence. Liz felt that the ghost disapproved of her, so, yes again. The woman is a psychic; she asked if she could go to the house. She felt that the presence bore ill will toward Liz.

Joan, Liz' mom, asked me to ask B2 if Liz' ghost was a Red Visitor, as B2 used to call the bad ghosts that visited him. So, after showing B2 photos of our family's Christmas celebration at Joan's house, I asked him.

He was really interested in the colors of the rooms and everything that was contained in them. He asked a lot of questions. Then I showed him photos of Liz in the living room of the house and asked him about Liz' ghost; was he a bad ghost? Did the ghost want to hurt Liz?

B2 looked at her for a long, quiet moment, then emphatically said, "No. It's a good ghost. He won't hurt her."

So there you go, Liz, it's okay. B2 says so.

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