Saturday, January 24, 2009

Uh Oh

At 3:45 p.m. yesterday, my subscription to XM Radio expired. With no warning (other than us not renewing it or something like that). Bang, no satellite radio. Which means, basically, no radio, because the local FM station was playing the same songs it played when I last listened 5 years ago.

This leaves us with a dilemma. Do we suck it up and reup, or stick with our guns and stay expired?

To my dismay, I'm finding that I need XM.



Leetie said...


Get yourself a Slacker radio!!!

We ditched the XM.

If you've ever listened to pandora radio, slacker is kind of like it, in that you program stations that you like... but with slacker, you fill up a little portable player with fresh music every day and take it with you. The audio quality is FAR superior to XM since slacker is not limited to bandwidth issues. XM is no better than FM now... so stop paying for it. IMO. ;)

rita said...

Excellent idea! I'll look into it, and if we can afford the new radio, I'm there!

We haven't resubscribed to XM, and I hate to do so since they've pissed off so many people. And they really aren't any better than FM now.

Leets said...

I got JU one of the expensive ones for Christmas and he loves it... I just bought the cheap one (not made anymore) for myself (the G1) from for $70 plus $10 for an extra warranty. I'll let you know if it works.

rita said...

Great! Right now an expensive one isn't in my future, but I've got to have SOMETHING to use in the car!!! I'd love to hear more about slacker. I can't access it at school, of course, since some kid might actually have fun while using a computer......