Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Reply from Sirius/XM

From their so-called Listener Care with my comments in parentheses:

"Dear Ms. Post,

Thank you for contacting XM. We apologize for the delayed response to your email and we understand your concerns as it relates to the changes in our programming.

In response to your email, XM remains committed to broadcasting the best music, sports, news, talk and entertainment so that we continue to provide our subscribers with something to turn them on. (Not interested in sports. Not turned on by your other broadcasting.) Providing you with the best content sometimes mean that we may make changes to channel formats, update on-air personalities or simply move channels around to add even more entertainment choices. (No. You didn't change, update, or move around. You took away the only Americana channel and fired the programming manager. And by being bought by Sirius, you took away our choice in satellite radio companies.)

Please feel free to contact Programming directly at (email address which didn't link correctly) regarding the schedules and programming on XM. We hope that you will continue to find great value across our 170 channels. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly in the future if you have questions or need additional information on XM?s programming. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to send an additional email or you may contact a Listener Care Representative directly at 1-800-XM RADIO (800-967-2346). Our Listener Care Centers hours of operation are as follows: Monday - Saturday: 8AM ? 11PM EST Sunday: 8AM - 8PM EST

Thank you, Nadine"

Nadine, I've done what I can by contacting Listener Care, Sal Resendez, and Patrick Reilly. I signed a petition started by Paul Thorn. We've cancelled our subscriptions to XM.

Thanks for nothing, XM Listener Care.


Trillian said...

those bastards!

if you do decide to get a mp3 player, I bought a Sony a few years ago and i love it.

Knitting Nurd said...

Sounds like a 'form' letter to me...idiots!

rita said...

Deinitely form letter and definitely not addressing my concerns. Oh well, it's about what I expected. They won't miss 10 subscribers.

I'll look into the Sony, Trillian. Does it have a car accessory kit, or whatever it is?

Trillian said...

i did get a car adapter whatsit. It worked pretty well until a part broke off. they may make better ones now.

rita said...

Our XM radio had a cassette adapter, but after a couple of years of nonstop use, the stupid cassette player broke. Now it's wired into the FM radio and plays over certain frequencies, which need to be changed as one moves around and is a giant pain.

Elaine said...

I have an I-pod and love it, to be honest. I didn't want one, had no interest, but then when my daughter went to college and would travel with the marching band, so I bought her an I-pod for the road trips so that she would not have to carry around her portable CD player and stack of CD's.

Then I had an "aha moment" - I walk everyday and listen to CD's. Why don't I get myself an Ipod and not carry around MY portable CD player and stack of CD's.

I absolutely love it and have had it for about 3 years without a glitch. You can download whatever you want to listen to via your computer. My one piece of advice - I would not buy an Ipod shuffle because IT decides what you'll be listening to next and I like to decide what I want to hear. I have an Ipod Nano (4 gig) and it was worth every penny. At about $200, I think, it's been less than 20 cents/day. Now who can deprive themselves at that price? Of course I did gag when I was paying for it - it sounded like an awful lot to spend.

rita said...

No shuffles for me. I'm a control freak, and I decide what I want to hear when I want to hear it.

One of these days, maybe.