Sunday, November 30, 2008

Casting on and actually finishing things!

This has been a pretty productive long weekend for me. After a very nice Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family, I got out the yarn and started knitting.

Since we're keeping the thermostat lower to save money, I knit myself a pair of fingerless gloves. They really are warm, but I quickly discovered that it's really awkward knitting while wearing them, so they're for reading or using the computer.

They're made of Claudia's Felt Me, don't know the colorway. I'll have to be careful not to felt these simply by using them! They took about half a hank; I'll have to find out how much is in a hank of Felt Me. It's some that I got when I worked for her, some that was thrown out. I can't figure out why; there are no knots or obvious defects in it. The pattern is Wristlets; I found it online and can probably find it again if anyone is interested. They're very simple to make, and they're nice and warm.

Next I made a hat for B2. It gets terribly cold in Orlando, you know; if it's below 60, he's freezing. So he gets a hat and a scarf. I finished the hat in one evening. It's made of Claudia's worsted, Deep Blue, and some fingering, possibly Tea Cup, something like that. It's nice and thick, and B2's ears will be warmer during that nasty Orlando winter.

The scarf is Rainy Day Scarf, I love the pattern. It's easy to knit while watching tv and it actually looks complicated. It's 4" wide and will be about 4' long when it's finished. I only have maybe one pattern repeat left to knit. It's from Claudia's worsted, Deep Blue,and it's so gorgeous and squishy and warm.

So that's my weekend. Cold, yes, but productive. For once.


Kathy said...

Lovely lovely scarf. I may have to try that pattern. THANKS

Turtle said...

both nice projects. love the colorway of the gloves! your right, they are hard to knit with while wearing.

Knitting Nurd said...

I just know B2 is going to love his new winter gear!! So glad you had such a nice relaxing Thanksgiving and were able to sit and knit!! I love that scarf!!!

Courtney said...

looks like you have been busy

rita said...

I love the colorway of the gloves, too. I have no idea what it is, if it's new or something I've seen before. I need to go to Claudia's place and see what she's got, but I have to block and take in that shawl first!

I love the scarf, too, and it seemed to knit up just as quickly as garter stitch. I'll try it again for ME!