Friday, December 05, 2008

It's official

I have started my weekend, although I don't get off work for another hour.

This morning, our Sup informed us that we'd be getting a survey this morning to copy and distribute to each of our 1325 students. We received our copy at 11:00, the beginning of 3rd block, and were told that it was to be in the students' hands by the end of 3rd block. I copied all of them then went through the roster and divided them into stacks to give each teacher. We were done well before the end of 3rd, but I was a bit anxious about the whole stinking thing.

And yesterday one of the extra-large teachers here, one of the three who send down extra-large copy orders and want them within 15 minutes, sent 7 students down by the end of 2nd block, each with several pages to copy and make transparencies. I do not know what project she's got cooked up for the next week, but after #7, I sent her a (hand-written) note that asked her to please send all copy work down at once, preferably the day before she wanted it; I am copying large quantities of exams and SOL preps and can't stop every ten minutes to make 1-18 copies for some kid who's standing there expecting it RIGHT NOW.

I immediately got a call from Extra-Large (why is it that the most obnoxious people here are the largest?) saying that the kids had misunderstood, she wanted the copies tomorrow or the next day, and she'd send them down at the end of the day. Within 10 minutes, she'd forgotten and sent yet another student to my office with something to be copied RIGHT NOW.

So all of her things were put at the bottom of the stack.

Unfortunately I quickly finished all the other work and had to do HERs anyway.

Enough. I've had enough. The weekend has started.


XL just sent another student in with maybe 20 sheets to be copied, 28 copies each, and, of course, tranparencies of each. I hate her.

A coach just came in here looking for yesterday's absentee list. I told him I threw away each previous day's list when I put out today's, and it was in the trash. He asked me to look for it.

This is not a tiny trash can. It's four feet high, and I've had a lot of printer mishaps today, such as 300 pages getting jammed because the tray didn't move down as it's supposed to. And lots and lots of confetti from the hole-punchings. And it's now all over the floor, but I found the damn absentee list.

And another coach wanted enlargements of the winter season sports schedule. No matter what I did, it didn't cooperate. I finally got a reasonable facsimile and copied 30 of those.

It's 3:09. Stick a fork in me. I'm DONE.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

I'm glad your weekend is here! I hope SATs went well this morning and that you can now relax for the rest of the weekend. It's too cold to actually leave the house, so stay inside and stay warm!

Georgi said...

I think I might have pointe to the bin and let the coach find the list himself. You are much too good to the staff at your school! Enjoy your weekend!!

rita said...

For some reason, after about 2 hours of SATs I start to hallucinate. The room is too quiet, I'm sleepy, and I start hearing things.

I'm glad it's over.

Georgi, I'm using your suggestion from now on!