Sunday, December 07, 2008

A suggestion

I got an email from MaryAnn Werner, Eric Brace's wife. She suggested that we (anyone who cared about Cross Country radio) start calling and requesting songs and artists that we like, that maybe we can cause a little change that way. I've spent the last hour looking for a phone number for XM radio, but all I can find is their multipurpose "customer care" number. Cross Country used to have its own call in number; I have it programmed in my phone and called often requesting Last Train Home and Peter Cooper songs.

I'm still mourning the loss of Cross Country. I miss hearing Todd Snider, Corb Lund, and others whose names I can't even remember, in addition to Last Train Home and Peter Cooper. I still check Outlaw Country frequently hoping to hear something I like, but now they have loud, obnoxious djs such as Fred Imus (whose claim to fame is that he's Don Imus' brother) and Mojo Nixon, who just yells all the time. Imus has some woman who does nothing but bitch about everything in a whiny, back-country voice (I can picture her; someone who sounds just like her used to be on Hee Haw).

THAT's what Outlaw Country is--Hee Haw for radio, with some obscenities thrown in for good measure. They play George Jones who better belongs on Willie's Place, which is nothing but old country singers.

Oh well. I'll try to find a phone number for Outlaw Country. Meanwhile, I continue my email campaign.

And keep switching stations when something I don't like comes on, just like when I watch tv.



Knitting Nurd said...

I gave up on tv AND radio a long time ago! All I listen to now are my CDs...homemade by me and commercial free! :=)

rita said...

Unfortunately, our car doesn't have a cd player. The truck does, so we take 'em along when we use it, but it only gets 17 mpg, so it's only used when the weather is bad or we need to haul something.

TV sucks too, and we have DirecTv. 200 channels of nothing.