Saturday, October 25, 2008


This is my new laptop, Bitsy. She's so cute!

I'm having a blast learning about her. She can do so many cool things.

Her screen can swivel and become a tablet for browsing the internet or writing in Journal. I tried to import a file from Journal to show how she can store files in my handwriting or convert them to text., but it wouldn't work, so for now, here's a sample of the text-recognition practice program, which will eventually be able to read my handwriting and convert it to text.

This was one of the sample sentences the program gave me. I swear I am not making this up. Perhaps HP should google famous knitters and see how wrong they are.

Her screen is 12.1" and she weighs about 5 pounds. I carry her in a neoprene case in my book bag.

It only took an hour (!) on the phone with a guy with an intense accent to get her hooked up to our wireless network, then she was ready to go. I've used her in town while waiting for Tom, and I'm looking forward to using Bitsy in airports, hotels, and anywhere else in the world I go.

Maybe Cancun in the spring? We have two free roundtrips each (Tom and me, not Bitsy; she travels free) that have to be used by the end of July, so we're thinking of going to CA for two weeks this summer and maybe Cancun. Airtran conveniently added Cancun as one of their destinations in the last month or so, and we just might take advantage of it. Their airfare for spring break week (mine) is about $800 each round trip, so that would be a big savings.

So. I have my new laptop, Itsy Bitsy, and she's raring to go places and enjoy new experiences with me. I love my new baby.


Knitting Nurd said...

Congratulations! She's very cute!!

Jenny Girl said...

Congrats on the laptop! She is adorable. Use her well and with love:)

Anonymous said...

Joan says...Rub it in. My previously unnamed laptop, who may now be known as Mr. Weighs-A-Lot, travels with me in my suitcase and makes people (you know who you are) utter rude comments (or at least compose unkind thoughts) about my packing abilities.

rita said...

She really is cute, but she's not as light as I thought she might be. At least, when she's hanging off my shoulder she's pretty damn heavy.

Oh Joan, don't worry, we might grumble and gripe, but it's just sisterly love. You know that.