Thursday, May 29, 2008

Good school cafeteria meal = oxymoron?

Yes, in my opinion, it almost always does. But not today.

Today was "Local Foods Menu Day", where all food served in one of the lines was produced within 15 miles of the city. (We have 5 lines at the high school; local foods, such as strawberries, bibb lettuce, hothouse cucumbers, etc. were served in the other lines as well.) Since the school food is usually decent, but not noteworthy, I've been looking forward to this meal since it was announced a couple of weeks ago.

Yes, I like to eat.

Our menu for today:

Sorry for the slanted view. I didn't have the energy to retake the photo. Usually I won't let one get by me like that, but today I have a UTI and am taking Cipro, which does a number on my stomach. Makes me feel like I have the flu or something. Of course, that didn't stop me from eating this meal.

And a view of the meal:

Those are real by God mashed potatoes, not the powdered kind we usually get. And the tomatoes taste like they're vine-ripened, and the strawberries actually are. This meal had flavor. Yes, a school cafeteria meal with real flavor.

You heard it here first, folks. School Cafeteria Cooks Real Food.


Trillian said...

I wish my lunch looked that good.

rita said...

Mine rarely does, Trillian. But today's---*smooches fingertips*

Antevasin said...

It's so nice when the food you're eating tastes like it was meant to taste. What a shame the organic grown foods cost three times as much as the stuff with no flavor! I can't hardly wait to begin harvesting my garden!!!

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

That looks like a really good school lunch, or anywhere lunch, for that matter. Looking at the picture makes me hungry. Time to go and find something to eat....

Hope you feel better soon.