Monday, January 07, 2008

On the road again

As I write this, I’m sitting at the gate in Dulles International Airport. I won’t be posting this from here, though, as they charge for their “free” wireless access. If you figure out the “free” part, please let me know.

I’m heading to Orlando for a week in the (I hope) sun. Not to mention the time with my grandkids. It’s supposed to be quite cold for two days this week—I mean, 55 degrees for the high. 30 for the low. I’m not sure that B2 is going to survive the frigid weather. He wears two sweaters and a jacket when it hits 60.

We’ll be doing a photo shoot, baking a cake, planning a New Year’s Eve party (J and M’s 13th anniversary), going to a water park (if it’s warm enough), walking to the park (which we plan to do every visit, but we haven’t made it yet; it’s usually too warm for much exercise), and go to Epcot for A’s 8th birthday.

I’ll be home in time to have missed three days of work (thank goodness for comp time!) and return to the cold weather.


UPDATE: Now I'm on the way home. MCO has free internet access. Just another thing to love about Florida.

Photo shoot--negative. (Get it? Haha.) Cake bake--negative. Instead, we made dinner the night before A's birthday. New Year's Eve party--check. Party poppers, little horns, assorted M&Ms from the M&M store, which has an incredible array of colors (yeah, for $9 a pound). While I posed the kids with the pink, purple, and bright blue M&Ms and assorted party paraphernalia, J sneaked up behind them and pulled a popper. Not nice, but it was amusing.

We blew the horns and pulled the poppers at midnight, then A, B2 and I went outside and danced in the street while we watched the colors on the clouds from the fireworks at the Disney parks. January 1, just after midnight, and we were dancing barefoot, wearing shorts, outside. (I hate cold weather; it was nice that night.) Then we went inside and took stupid photos and stayed up till almost 2.

Water park? Negative. It was stinking cold Wednesday-Friday, along with gale-force winds. Okay, stinking cold in Florida is below 45, and the wind didn't help. It finally got warm (around 70) on Saturday, but it was too chilly to spend any time in the water.

Walk to the park--negative. Yesterday B2 and I took a walk around the neighborhood. It was a gorgeous day, maybe 72, so we spent some time outside.

New Year's Day we rode around looking for a house for rent (they'd like to move to a less-congested area). We didn't find a house, but we did find a small tree just full of tiny tangerines. It wasn't on anyone's property (unless you call the county anyone), so I jumped out of the car and picked as many as I could before a car came by. The results:

And we did go to Epcot for A's birthday. And Disney MGM Studios, and the Magic Kingdom. They were hideously crowded, but we had fun.

Gotta go--just about time to board the plane. According to my email home page, it's over 50 at home.

Warmer than it was this past week in Orlando.

Oh well, I had a great time anyway.


Anonymous said...

Welcome home! I'm sorry that you got the cold weather in Florida, too, but at least it's halfway warm here in Virginia today. I know you had fun in Orlando and that A loved having you there for her birthday. See you soon!


rita said...

It was so nice to be there! I could smell Florida--at least, when it was halfway warm. And the springy grass is always green, unless it doesn't rain and it's too hot.....

It's nice that it's not too chilly here at home, at least, not yet.