Monday, January 07, 2008

Last Train Home

The. Best. Alt Country. Band. Ever.

Originating in the Washington, DC area, now from Nashville, they do a bunch of shows in Virginia each year. The most shows are at the IOTA in Arlington, Virginia, but we’ve never been there. Yet. They’ve been to Harrisonburg a number of times and we’ve seen them twice there. The last time they were there was the weekend we flew to Belize, so we had to miss that one.

Ashland Coffee & Tea is a tiny coffee house a few blocks from Randolph Macon College. It has an eclectic d├ęcor, lots of sofas and chairs, a reading area, and a listening room that holds 150 people. In spite of its small size, the room didn’t seem at all crowded during the show.

AC&T draws some decent names in the music world. LTH plays there about four times a year. It’s a three-hour drive from home, but it’s worth it for the intimate setting. Since it’s a college town, it has a bunch of hotels and motels and one ritzy inn. We didn’t stay there.

Check out their website and listen to some of their songs. And if they come to your area, go to see them. It’s well worth the price of the tickets (in this case, $16 each!).

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