Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Why is my nose running again??? I just had a cold the week before Christmas. First of the school year, which is a record for me. Granted, I did fly yesterday and it seemed that everyone was sneezing, but I used Zicam before the flight and once during, and that usually does the trick.

Then on New Year's Eve I came down with a UTI. Fortunately my doctor here at home was able to prescribe an antibiotic and have it transferred to a drug store in Orlando (at the absolute last minute; his office was closing and I had 10 minutes to find a pharmacy that was open past 6 p.m.), and that took care of that.

I hate colds. For some reason I get angry when I come down with one. If I get the flu or a UTI or even a bleeding ulcer like I did 13 months ago, I can deal with it. But colds make me angry.


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