Tuesday, April 13, 2010

What on earth???

Knitty is one of my favorite knitting websites. They only publish four times a year, and they have some amazing patterns. I have to share one with you.

Am I the only person who thinks that this pattern is hideous? Do you know
anyone who would feel comfortable wearing these things? They're almost obscenely ugly.

Once in a while, Knitty messes up in a big way!

One of two patterns in this issue that I'm inclined to knit is this one.

It looks cool and comfortable and not too complicated. I might try it.

The other one is this cute baby pattern.

There are so many new babies/grandbabies being born here this school year and I get tired of knitting the same old socks.

My favorite from this is issue is this shawl.

When I first saw it, I thought it was hideous. But I kept going back to it; I might make it some day. Maybe.

I haven't been knitting much lately. I didn't bother on the planes. Two of them had DirecTv, which is pretty cool in a plane. AirTran was trying out wireless internet service free for a couple of weeks, but it was so hideously slow that I quickly gave up on that. When they're offering it for $10 a day, I won't be purchasing it.

When I ordered my copy of New Moon from Target, I didn't realize that they planned to have it arrive on March 19, the day before it was released in stores. I left for Florida on the 19th, so I left a pre-stamped Priority Mail box and asked a friend to send it to me in the Keys. It didn't arrive till the 26th, yet a first-class letter that I mailed got there in two days. Go figure.

So that night I watched New Moon on my laptop. Very small screen, very low sound. I couldn't understand a thing. I was wondering why on earth I'd thought that movie was so good when I saw it at the theater. And my laptop used to be much louder. I was a bit worried that maybe my hearing is worse than I'd thought.

I bought a pair of headphones, a cheap pair, that had a set of ear buds as well. Suddenly the movie was much more interesting. I watched it again and enjoyed it. I also watched the two extra discs that came with Twilight, since I hadn't seen them before. We don't have tv yet in our place in the Keys, but we will when I move down in June. Along with internet access.

On the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando, my very large checked bag was seached by TSA. I could tell by the sticker they put on it, along with the discovery of broken brand-new-used-twice headphones that had been carefully packed. Also, my beads, teeny tiny beads packed in a tightly-closed Tupperware bowl were all over the place, with the bowl in one of the suitcase and the lid buried in the other. I have no problem with TSA checking my bags, but please be more considerate.

We went to Key West once during my stay. It was spring break time all over the place and the island had far too many people and cars on it. I went to my favorite bead store and Knit Wits of Key West right next door and discovered, to my sadness, that the bead shop is closing this month. There's a bead shop in Islamorada, considerably farther from Big Pine Key than Key West, but I've never been in it. I haven't been able to find good quality beads here and have mail-ordered from him before. Now that I'm addicted to beads, I'm going to miss the shop.


Trillian said...

A guy whose blog I read described that first pic as addicts in knitted nappies. I like the duck feet and that shawl is cool looking

rita said...

That's a good description.

I feel dirty just looking at them!

Uptown Girl said...

scary shorts!!!
You are inspiring me to start saving for a place in the Keys one day... in about 45 years I may be able to swing it. You are a lucky duck (also I love the duck socks!!).

Hira Animfefte (Xera Anymphefte) said...

Addicts in knitted nappies sounds about right. Or the fugliest boxer shorts EVER!

I love the duck feet, wish I had the mad knitting skillz to pull them off. The shawl is awesome too, although I'm not digging that color so much. :) Also wish I had the skillz to pull it off!

I'm passing on the fugly nappy shorts. Besides the fact that they have random cables, and I can't do cables, but who wants cables on your boxer shorts??? Why waste your mad knitting skillz on THAT?