Thursday, April 08, 2010

Remember Me?

HOW could I have forgotten this???????

My niece, Kara, and Michelle Two, my nephew's girlfriend, and I went to the theater on March 12 to celebrate the opening of Remember Me. Basically, we went because Robward is in it; we knew nothing about the story. I'm so glad we didn't.

I won't spoil the ending. Up to that point, it was a good chick flick. Rob is incredibly cute in it, and he can actually act. Edward is rigid and contained; Tyler is emotional, impulsive, passionate.

But that ending. My God. It's like suddenly and unexpectedly being pounded in the chest by a 2x4. Totally stunning. Out of nowhere. There are some extremely subtle clues along the way, but since I don't notice anything subtle, I didn't see it coming.

Kara, Michelle, and I just sat there, stunned. Tears ran down our faces. As we left the theater, we were sobbing as we gasped "Oh my God I cannot believe that happened!"

Kara and I texted each other throughout the evening. We were feeling intensely sad. I cried off and on all night. I sobbed trying to tell Mom about it the next morning.

It's that good.

How the media didn't blab that ending all over the place is a total mystery to me. If I'd known how it ended I wouldn't have felt the power of it.

I want to see it again. Only partly because Rob is pretty.

Message to Rob: Do you have to smoke? Really?


Uptown Girl said...

really??? It was a good movie??

I had zero desire to see this until I read your post and now I wanna see it like yesterday! way to sell it Rita... and Rob.

ps- i started seeing a (second) guy named Edward! Takign my Twi-obsession to real life (for the second time bc i dated another Edward last year...).

Georgi said...

Its about time you post something! How wasyour trip, do you still love the Keys?

rita said...

Maria, it IS that good. Totally. I still tear up when I think about it, and the acting was superb. Well, after seeing the Twilight movies it is. I was surprised at his ability to show emotion other than "tortured".

Of course you'll date an Edward. Does he sparkle?

Georgi, the Keys are incredible. I cannot wait to move there in June!

Uptown Girl said...

I thought he did sparkle... but he hasn't called in an alarming number of days, so we will see, maybe this Edward he isn't a vampire after all?

rita said...

Maria, obviously something is wrong with him.