Monday, February 01, 2010

Now what?

I've almost finished reading Eclipse for the third time. I won't go home again till Tom comes up in about 10 days, and Breaking Dawn is at home. I may have to go to the library.





Pocket Edward ™ ETA: Wednesday.

And I cancelled the New Moon movie order with Amazon because I found out that, for only $5 more, one can buy it from Target with a 3rd disk of special features and a cell from the movie.

I've never watched the 3rd disk of Twilight, but if one is available, then one must have it.

Shut up. I'm not as bad off as the people who buy one, then see it offered with a little something more at another site, and buy that one, then the next time they see something different, get that too.


Uptown Girl said...

Scurry on over to that library. is waiting even really an option here Rita??
I read the books last year was super impatient about getting my hands on the next one. I would try and have the next book available before I finished the one I was reading. And was so sad when it all ended...

rita said...


All available copies are out. I was going to go home on Friday to get my copy, but dammit we had another 20" of snow over the weekend, and today we're supposed to get another 4-6". Tom is supposed to come home Thursday; he has a 4-wheel-drive truck, so we should be able to make it to the house.

Then I can bring Breaking Dawn back with me, where it belongs.

Meantime? I'm rereading Twilight.