Friday, January 29, 2010

Welcome to the Dark Side, Granddaughter

Last night, during a marathon call, my oldest granddaughter brought up Twilight. (She knows me so well.) She's never exhibited any curiosity about the book or movie; on the contrary, she couldn't be less interested. Last year she was irritated because her teacher was in love with the series and talked about it a lot in class. This time, though, she had some questions.

"Lots" of girls in her class are reading the series. She could even name three of the four books. She doesn't have a clue what Twilight Girl's name actually is, but she wanted to know if TG ever gets bit and turned into a vampire. I said, "Do you really want to know?" "Yes!" "But if you ever decide to read the books, it's spoiled for you." "I'm not going to read them. Does she turn into a vampire?" So I told her yes, she does.

"Which book?" "Breaking Dawn, the fourth and last book." "So why are all these books named night names? What do they have to do with anything?" I told her that I'd read about them but didn't remember what I'd read (note to self: research this), but I thought that they all have to do with the fact that, in other vampire stories, vampires couldn't go outside during the day because they'd burn to ashes if the sun touched them. In the Twilight series, that's not the case, because they can go outside any time they want to, but their skin sparkles in the sun, so people would know something weird was going on. And no one could know that there are real vampires.

Also, I told her, the names of the books seem to represent the story's progression, with Twilight being the one where Bella (or Twilight Girl) meets Twilight Boy and they fall in love. In New Moon, they're separated by Edward's misguided but heartfelt belief that Bella is better off, and safer, without him, and she goes into a deep depression, represented by the darkness of night during a new moon.

"What about Eclipse? Isn't that about the sun?" Well, it can be, but here it's the bright shining ring of moon around the dark shadow the sun throws onto it, representing the reunion of Bella and Edward and their happiness. And Breaking Dawn is the book that ends the story, with everything coming together and the dark of night giving way to the bright sunrise.

Damn. If I do say so myself, I'm impressed. I just pulled all of that out of my ass without any thought. It may be totally off-course, but it really does sound good.

I told A that I'll send her Twilight if she ever wants to read it; I have no problem with a 10-year-old reading the first three books in the series. (I told her she can't read Breaking Dawn until she's 16, which may have been the wrong thing to say.) She said she doesn't want to read it since I can tell her all about it.

But today I ordered Twilight from Amazon to be delivered to her house with the note: "A, you don't have to read this book now, or ever, if you don't want to. I've had so much fun talking to you about it that I want you to have a copy of one of my favorite books." Maybe eventually she'll read it, maybe not. It doesn't matter.

I may or may not have also ordered New Moon the Movie and a Pocket Edward™. We won't discuss that.


Claudia said...

I teach a class at our local church. I've been teaching these kids since they were in third grade. They are now 6th graders. The girls read ALL the books last year and loved them. And of course, had seen Twilight and were awaiting the release of New Moon in '09. The boys kept asking me to make the girls stop talking about it. LOL

This year, one of the boys has begun reading Twilight and he loves it. They do come to me with their questions but so far, nothing has really had anything to do with sex. They just love the love story and the action between vampires and werewolves.

As for me, now that Twilight has hit Showtime, I watch it pretty much every time it's on. LOL Addiction? Me?


rita said...

I've only seen Twilight 3 times. Can you believe that??? But I've always got it with me......

I also ordered the official Twilight compendium or something. Cross-references, all kinds of cool stuff. Perfect for the obsessed fan.

Uptown Girl said...

I'm soooo impressed right now. I can never recall why the heck the books are named like they are. You are a master.

rita said...

Um, UG, I have no idea if that's why the books were named what they were. I was just pulling it out of my ass to avoid telling my granddaughter that MomMom didn't have a clue! But it really does sound good, doesn't it.