Monday, August 17, 2009

What is it with copiers?

Do they hate me? Is it my electric personality? Street lights frequently turn off as I pass them....

The tech guy was at school all afternoon Friday and took both copiers apart. Supposedly all was well. Until I turned them on this morning, then notsomuch.

Within an hour I called Xerox again because one of them was jamming constantly. It'd waste 4 pages for every one it successfully copied. And it's not like I really need two copiers running this time of year or anything.

I'm just glad that school didn't start today, just the teachers (and their copying needs) are back.

This afternoon the tech again took apart the bad copier and thinks he found the problem. I hope he's not only found it but fixed it. He said he's pretty much rebuilt it. I vote for two new copiers to replace the two that are broken more often than they're working.

And don't I just love people who need 40 copies, front, back, and stapled, at 1 p.m. and hand me the original at 12:45. You just then realized that you needed those copies for the meeting that was scheduled weeks ago?

My daughter and her family are here; they decided Tuesday night to fly up on Wednesday. I met them at the airport in Richmond and we got back to town around 1 a.m. Stayed in a hotel and went in to work late. They spent Thursday night with us; only A has been here before. Yesterday B2 was baptized along with two of his cousins at his grandma's church, and my son and his family came to the church too. We went out to eat and spent the rest of the day together. It's so seldom that my kids and their kids are all in the same place at the same time, and I enjoyed it.

Knitting? Did I mention that I want--n0, need to knit a shawl for my sister to wear at her daughter's wedding? I don't remember, and I'm too lazy to look. I've started several patterns many times with two different yarns. I keep messing up. No problem, I still have less than three months to finish it.

This is the latest incarnation of the wedding stole. It may get knit. This is yarn I bought on ebay; cashmere/silk for $5.99!

One day I'll get some photos on here of our Florida summer, the houses we like, etc etc etc. They load very slowly here at home and they're on my laptop, so I can't upload them at school unless I put them on a bunch of dvds first. Lazy.

And my oldest grandson says, The End.


teabird said...

The silk with that pattern would be magical - maybe if you invoke the Knitting Goddess?

(Note to self: read Twilight...)

rita said...

Oh, Twilight is a must-read! What is so, so, so.......addictive about it? I don't even like the characters that much!

I knit 8 entire rows so far in the silver-gray silk/cashmere. It's beautiful yarn and knits beautifully. The mohair was perfect for it too, but I kept getting lost in the fuzz factor and couldn't keep track of stitches. I think I might have a case of The Stupids again; it's almost that time of year!

rita said...

I think I need to invoke the Xerox Goddess too.

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