Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How long till I can retire???

Copiers. They SUCK.

Tech guy spent hours here yesterday afternoon working on the "bad" copier. Hours. HOURS. Still awaiting a part on back order. So what happens to the "good" copier this afternoon? A piece of paper jams in an area in which I've never had a paper jam before. Not only is it jammed, I cannot see the stinking paper, although I can hear it when I turn knob 5a to the right and wheel 5c clockwise. Or something. I can HEAR the paper in there, but I cannot find any way to open that area any more than I've opened it already.

So, another couple of hours when I can't do my job. Again. Papers are flooding in and need to be completed by Monday. Yesterday I wasn't worried, but I am now.

So when is it that I can retire?

I managed another 7 rows of knitting on the haunted wedding shawl last night. I'm placing the beads with a tiny crochet hook; they look so much better that way than when they're all strung onto the yarn and then pushed along as needed. That is such a hassle. Using a crochet hook is much slower while knitting, but it's easier, although I tend to send a lot of beads flying across the room.

J, M, and the kids are heading back to Orlando tonight. I hate to see them go. It was such a nice visit.


Georgi said...

I have to agree with you, copiers do SUCK. I always run the other way if someone asks me if I know how to do anything with a copier or act stupid, I am good at both. lolol

rita said...

Auuuggggghhhhhh! I'm going to take a sledge hammer to those damn things! To think that I thought I had such a good job before this afternoon.....