Thursday, June 11, 2009

The moment

Finally, it's here. The moment we've been waiting for since Aug. 18 of last year.

The bell just rang. The kids are leaving school for the summer. They're not the only ones who're jumping up and down.

Today I was given a copy of my *oh crap, what's it called* oh yeah, evaluation. I received the highest marks for everything, the best evaluation I've ever had. I've never had a bad one, but this one is really complimentary.

I love my job (especially now that vacation is in sight) and hope to keep on copying for two or three years. It's nice to know that I am appreciated.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

Congratulations on the excellent evaluation! It IS nice to be appreciated,and I'm sure you deserved it.

Now you too can sing....


That has become my favorite song.

Claudia said...


And thanks for coming to visit my blog! I loved your Colisseum story. Sharing Italy with other people almost always makes me smile. :)

We're the same age and we both enjoy the Twilight series. That's pretty cool. I've been keeping up with production (and now post-production) of New Moon online. Also watching Kristen Stewart get ready for her Joan Jett movie. The haircut is really cute!

Well, I'll be back to visit! Hope that's okay. Have a great day! :)

rita said...

Amen, sister!

Hi, Claudia, I'm glad you stopped in. Feel free to come back any time. We can trade Italy stories.

There are lots of us more... mature women who love Twilight. Not Betty, though, but that's okay. Her daughter loves it!

I get a Twilighters Anonymous email every day and sort of keep up with things that way, but I haven't checked it since Saturday. They had some oh so luscious photos of Robward.....

morgaine24 said...

congratulations on your evaluation that is so awesome i know that when i used to work i would always worry about my evals. its such a relief not to have to worry about it.

rita said...

Thanks, lady! I really wasn't worried; I love my job and I know that I do it really well, unlike the years in SpEd (with a wonderful group of people, don't get me wrong there!) when I was told to do something but not how to do it. Some people thrive under those conditions, but they make me very uneasy.

I need to put up a sign: Born to Copy!

Knitting Nurd said...

Well done Rita!!! You KNOW I can appreciate you...those darn machines were MY life for 5 years. I went with Scooter last night to fax something from his office and do you know the first thing I had to do was clear a jam? ARRGHGGH LOL
Have a wonderful vacation!!!!

rita said...

How many times does one have to call the tech guy to fix a copier that's having the same problem over and over and over, before they just give up and send in a new one? The school got 4 a month ago, but not one to replace the "bad" one. Two of the new ones are unuseable; they are constantly jammed or acting weird.

One of the two new ones can be used by anyone who works here, so that's at least 130 people with access to it who have no idea how to work it or treat it. That's always a recipe for disaster. I don't have time to run upstairs five times a day to show someone how to reset it (geez, people, turn it off and turn it back on; that takes care of 95% of the problems they have!) or check that the tray is set for the size paper in it. Just give me the damn things and I'll copy 'em myself!

Even with the jamming and not being able to use one of the copiers for a total of at least 10 weeks this year, I love my job and the people I work with. Well, most of them.

Georgi said...

I think it is so unfair for the adults to get the summer off. If you get it we all should whaaaa. Doesn't that sound like a kid? I get to work, while you sit areound and enjoy the Keys, I am so jealous.

rita said...

Georgi, does it help any to know that I'm paid for only 10.5 months' work, spread out over 12 months? Teachers, 10 months' pay in 12. Probably not, but I thought I'd try to cheer you up.

This is why I've stuck with school jobs for this long!