Monday, June 08, 2009


I've really been neglecting this blog. My excuse, for last week, anyway, is that I've been busy. I spent one day working in the attendance office (those ladies are not paid enough for all they have to do!), one day giving math placement tests, and one day on an art field trip to the National Gallery of Art and the Hirschorn Museum of Modern Art. I gave the SAT Saturday morning, then we drove to Mom and Dad's house to visit overnight. While there, we went to see/hear Todd Snider at Ashland Coffee and Tea. We left Mom and Dad's around 3:30 yesterday and drove the three hours to my son's house to attend my youngest granddaughter's 6th birthday party. We left home at 6:30 on Saturday morning and got back at 10:00 last night. It was a very busy weekend, but it was great to visit with family. And earn $98 for giving the SAT.

Here's a photo of my Bloodlust (from All That Glitters) custom-dyed for me by Yarn Lust ( I love it. It's 2% silver so it's sparkly; I'll use it to knit Shipwreck ( She sent a stitch marker with each hank of yarn: one red heart, one black heart, and one clear heart. I have a feeling I'll need them for this. You can also see the beads I bought at Beads of Distinction in Key West; I think I'll need more of them, but I have to figure out how many and which ones go where. That's going to be a pain; I want the inside rows to have clear beads, the center red ones, and black on the outside rows. Thank God they're not needed until the entire center is knit; they go on the edging. But how am I going to figure out just how many I'll need and in what numbers? I can always break the yarn and add more beads when needed, but I really really hate having those ends to weave in. I may try a Russian join, which basically, I think, is spitting on the loose ends of yarn and then mooshing them together. If it'll work, I'm all for it. I hate to weave in ends on anything.

This photo doesn't show the sparkle factor, but it's there all the same. I plan to haul this to Florida and work on it this summer, but I'm not sure how well I'll be able to concentrate when a) I'm sitting on the porch in 90 degree weather while gazing at the Gulf waters a few hundred feet away with wool on my lap, and b) I can't concentrate when I'm in a room by myself anyway and this one is going to take some concentration.

Slacker radio works pretty well when we're in flat country with a really strong AT&T signal, which means it doesn't work well in this area but did closer to Richmond. We're interested to see if it's any better in Florida where there are a lot fewer hills and no mountains. I like that I can fine-tune custom channels to play songs by people that we like, but I do not like the cutting in and out when we're in less-than-flat land.

I'm not a very good traveling companion since I got the Crackberry. I mean, I can check my email in the freaking car! And Facebook. I hate Facebook, but it's interesting once in a while to log in and see what (mostly) boring things others are doing. I haven't had any luck sending photos to cell phones or others' email; something else I need to check on. And, like I said earlier, I can read blogs and their comments but cannot post my own comments. I still haven't attempted to tether it to my laptop, which I should do very soon because we're paying for it and I want to see if make sure it works before we leave for the summer.

I loaned Twilight the movie to a friend a couple of weeks ago (I know! I let it out of my possession for a good 10 days, but I did keep the codes for the iTunes downloads, just in case I needed to watch it). My friend and I usually don't like the same movies or books, and she's not obsessed sucked into the phenomenon as I am, so I didn't expect her to enjoy the movie. To my surprise, she thought it was well-cast and well-made, although she did say that she was a little disappointed that Edward didn't dress more elegantly, as described in the book, but overall, she really enjoyed it. Wow, and she's 61.

I'm almost to the toe of the boring socks I'm knitting now; I got a lot done on the bus on Friday and in the car this weekend when I wasn't fiddling with the Crackberry checking my email.

School's almost done with for the year; the kids are here till Thursday, and I have to work until June 18. That afternoon we're leaving for Florida as soon as 3:30 rolls around. We'll drive straight through to Orlando (with a dog and a cat) and spend a few days with my daughter and her family. Then--the Keys. For six glorious weeks. We plan to shop for a house while we're there.

I haven't checked any blogs since Wednesday, unless you count the drive-bys while on Crack(berry), and those don't count because the type is so tiny that I can't read it anyway. I'll try to do better. Oooh--I need to run over to June Cleaver's place and check out the Monday Swoon. This selfless woman spends hours each week ogling checking out finding photos of Swoon-worthy men and posts them on Mondays for those of us who can't get through the work filters are too busy to search for them ourselves. The lady is a saint.


Anonymous said...

Betty said....

I didn't know you went on a field trip to DC last are a brave woman! Was that one of those cold, rainy days? Even worse! How did you get talked into that one??

I can't wait for Florida!I bought water shoes today....I am ready.

Domie's Mom said...

That shipwreck is going to be amazing. I can't wait to see it!


Knitting Nurd said...

My oh HAVE been busy!!! I'm off to go check out this "shipwreck"...and plan my escape to be a stowaway in the trunk of your car! hehe

rita said...

I can never remember what I tell who! (That sentence doesn't make sense, does it?) I voluntarily went with the art classes (the upper classes) on Friday. It was rainy but warm, and the bus let us off in front of the museums. It was really a nice relaxing trip; no actual chaperoning was necessary, so I spent the whole day by myself. We went to Union Station for lunch, where I first went to Chico's and bought a t-shirt.

Florida, here we come!!!

I hope that Shipwreck won't kick my ass; simple patterns have, and this one is anything but simple. I figure I might finish it in time to pass it down to one of the grandchildren.

You're welcome to come along, DeeDee, but you might have to hold Zippy on your lap the entire trip!

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

I'm glad that the fieldtrip turned out to be a good one. The side-trip to Chico's was a nice bonus, and this time you didn't have to walk miles to get there! I was just thinking about the Chico's in the mall over the ocean in Atlantic City and how much fun we had that weekend.

rita said...

We did have fun in AC, and we got a lot of bargains at the mall over the ocean!

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Love the skeins of yarn very lovely colorways:)Hugs Darcy

rita said...

They really are pretty, Darcy. I can't wait to turn them into something, although I fear I might be in over my head.

Jean said...

Sounds like a very busy life, things just seem to be going faster and faster. Thank you for commenting on my blog.

rita said...

The summer will fly by; it always does, even when I'm totally lazy. Which is most summers. Oh, who am I kidding, most of my life I'm a complete bum.

I love having new blogs to read; thank you for stopping by!