Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It's almost spring?

In the Arctic Circle, maybe, but here it was under 8 last night. I just didn't have it in me to check the thermometer after that.

We didn't get any snow in our neck of the woods, but the city got enough that school was cancelled yesterday. We'll make up for it on Friday, but since I would have had to be here anyway, I'm not unhappy about it.

I just could not get warm last night. My ankles were freezing. Why didn't I wear my nice, warm legwarmers? I haven't knit in the ends, and it was too freaking cold to do that. I spent the day reading breaking dawn, book 4 of the twilight series. It's so much better than books 2 and 3, but I still can't quite figure out why I keep reading them.

I ripped out my neckwarmer on Sunday and started knitting another one. The bottom of it kept rolling up under my chin, and it was bothering me, so I just had to rip it out. That meant that I didn't have it this morning when I really really needed it. This one should be good and warm, though, if I ever finish it. The yarn is doubled in this one; I'm hoping that I'll have enough to finish it. If that happens, though, I refuse to start over; I'll attach another color and keep going. It's not for looks anyway. It's the Swirl Neckwarmer and it's turning out to be nice and thick. It's hurting my hands, though, because chunky yarn doubled is tough knitting. I don't think I'll try that again.

Or frog my neckwarmer on the coldest damn day of the year.

The state has decided--for now, at least--not to offer early retirement buyouts. If I can make it through two more winters, maybe, just maybe we'll be able to spend the rest of our winters in Florida. Summers, too, but I'm all for that.


tom said...

It's miserably cold here too. But by the end of the week, it's supposed to warm up. Ha. We had a fire drill today. Everyone had to leave the building in 15 degree weather. Luckily I was in my office and got to grab my coat. If you were out of your office, and not really nearby, you had to leave without your coat. We stood outside for 30 minutes before the fire truck came and we were allowed back in. Brrrr. Florida is starting to sound good to me too.

rita said...

Whoa. Our school fire drills are over as soon as everyone's out of the building, usually about 2 min 20 seconds. Fortunately I'm usually in my office and can grab my coat, but last time I thought it was "warm" and it wasn't.