Thursday, February 26, 2009

I was given a gift today

I was thinking this morning how much I'd like to be able to take a mental health day.

It wasn't going to happen since I've used all of my personal leave (all three days of it) and most of my sick leave for the school year.

It's not like I'm against using sick leave for mental health leave. I've done it before. Good mental health certainly helps to keep me physically healthy.

Shortly after I thought about it and semi-mourned the fact that it couldn't be done, I was called into the principal's secretary's office.

My first thought was, "Uh oh, what have I done?" knowing perfectly well that I hadn't deliberately done anything wrong.

That's when I was given the gift of having tomorrow off. With pay. And not a day of sick leave, either.

My used-to-be boss had ear surgery last week and has been unable to drive. She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning in a city an hour from here. I'm going to drive her. This won't be even remotely a hardship; it'll be fun to have time to talk to her. We still eat lunch together a couple of times a week, but we used to be in the same office all day long for over three years, talking as much as working usually. Our desks were just a few feet apart, but we'd email funny things to each other even though we could have just talked instead. We did both.

She has really treated me like an equal, not like her helper monkey assistant. She's one of the sweetest people I know.

So. I get to sleep later than usual, then spend the day with a friend. I bet she'll even buy me lunch.

I love my job.


~Tonia~ said...

Yay for the day off and with pay to boot! Getting to spend it with a good friend - priceless. Have a great weekend.

Knitting Nurd said...

Now that is nice! Hope you have a great time! Is she a knitter as well?

Rachel O said...

Hey - that's great! Like totally.

Elaine said...

They're predicting over a foot of snow here overnight. Are you getting a snow day tomorrow? We're not, but if it's as bad as they say, I'll just take a vacation day. No point in risking one's life, right? And anyway, it will take me all day to shovel the snow if there's that much.

I hope Friday was as much fun as you expected.

rita said...

It was a really nice day, very relaxing. She knits a little, but not much.

We're not supposed to have any snow on this side of the mountains. The other side and closer to the coast will, but who knows it it'll be enough to run school a little late tomorrow.

By all means, take a vacation day! Doesn't the phone company believe in safety first?

Elaine said...

Yeah, well. What can be a more fun vacation than shoveling snow? Right?

rita said...

Sleeping in a nice, warm bed, better than snow any day!!!

We had the day off today; there was no snow on this side of the mountain, but it's extremely cold.

I hope you did okay!