Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So, would you like to see what we did Saturday night?

I'll show you anyway. I'm mean like that.

Joan, Scott, Liz, and Berend (Joan's daughter and her boyfriend) (Liz's boyfriend, not Joan's) went with Tom and me to Ashland Coffee and Tea Saturday night for a show by Eric Brace and Peter Cooper, our absolute favorite singers. (Go to their website and listen to their music. I'd rather listen to them--and Last Train Home--than anyone else. Yes, Betty, even more so than Neil Diamond!)

Joan and I are a little....obsessed (but in a good way) with these guys. We had such a good time listening to the music, talking about the music, talking to Eric and Peter, talking to our husbands, enjoying the food, and trying to reassure Liz that we wouldn't totally embarrass her. (Thanks, Betty!)

They played a mix of their own songs, songs from their duo cd, and songs that they haven't recorded. Their voices are so different, but they blend together so well. The harmonies are so beautiful.

Kevin Cordt, who is part of Last Train Home and also a jazz group, took the train from DC to the coffee shop. The stop is literally feet from the entrance.

Here you can see some of the studding on Peter's suit.

Rumor has it that he paid $40 for the suit. I'm guessing that having the crystals put on cost a whole lot more than that.


Trillian said...

That is one sweet suit!

rita said...

It's lavender, dude. Lavender. I can imagine that Nashville has some incredible thrift stores!

Anonymous said...

Joan says, to clear up her reputation a little...May we not use the word 'obsessed' when we speak of our fondness and admiration for these guys and their music? But it is ever so cool to be able to be able to talk with them and such.

Now another thing...we don't know that the $40 rumor is fact. That's what makes it a rumor. Let's not insult the man. Don't make me come after you. <3

Anonymous said...

And as you know, Purple/Lavender has been my favorite color since birth...

tom said...

Do I detect some drool in that photo of you and him? Hmmm? or is that some of his crystals reflecting? Glad it was so much fun.

~Tonia~ said...

Looks like you had a blast.

Elaine said...

It does look like you had a great time - and purple/lavender has been my favorite all my life too. A purple suit with glittery stuff on it - awesome

rita said...

I hate it when Blogger hiccups. Let's try this again.

1) I was not making fun of the suit. I admire anyone who is thrifty and buys clothes at thrift shops. I'd love to go to some Nashville thrift shops.

2) I love purple too, and any man who can pull off wearing a lavender suit (like Peter) has my admiration and applause. The suit looks good on him. Or is it, he looks good in that suit.

3) But aren't we obsessed? But in a good way?

4) No drool in that photo. It's in one of Joan's photos that hasn't made it to my work computer yet. It's not pretty. It's fairly embarrassing.

5) I like sparklies. If these are Swarovski (or however it's spelled) they are some pricey sparklies. I know because my daughter is queen of adding sparklies to little girls' pageant clothes.

6) Joan, you're the one who told me that you overheard Peter tell someone at the Nashville show that the suit cost $40. That's where the rumor started.