Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Legwarmer socks

It's really difficult to take a photo of these things that show the actual length! When pulled all the way up, they're above my knees. They're then doubled over at the ankle, making a nice, thick anklewarmer.

I decided that I don't like having the full sock; it doesn't fit in my clogs. So when I finish the second one, I'll take the foot off the first and knit ribbing at the instep. Maybe it'll still cover enough of my foot that I won't freeze there.

I could have used them last night; I was just freezing, even with the electric heater just a few feet away. I would have finished them Saturday on the way to Mom and Dad's, but I didn't bring the smaller dpns that I needed to finish the ankle and foot. Oh well. Maybe tonight.


~Tonia~ said...

I made knee warmers for my MIL. She always complained that her knees were cold in the winter. She loves them and always pulls them out at the first sign of cold weather.

Love the color of the leg warmers. They look really comfortable.

rita said...

They're really thick and cushy, and I hope they'll be warm. I bet my grandmother would have liked kneewarmers. I'm surprised that she didn't make some.

The colorway is Plumicious, and it's very pretty.