Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now I remember

I hate answering phones.

Really, I hate all phones, but worst of all I hate answering the phones in the main office.

If it were just the phones, it wouldn't be so bad, but the nurse leaves in the morning and I have to answer the phones and hand out medicine. At the same time.

It wasn't so bad a few hours ago. I felt on top of things. I had things in control. Until I had lunch.

Since then six lines ring at once and four kids come in to get meds, pick up their provisional learners permit, and then I have to call a cab for a kid. Because she can't wait the 5 miinutes until the city transit bus stops here or the hour until the school buses show up. Because she's sniffling and holding her cheek and whining.

I told her to watch for the cab. A half hour later (25 minutes AFTER the transit left and 30 minutes until school lets out and the buses arrive, in case you're keeping score), she came back in and asked me to call the cab company again. (I hate making phone calls.) I asked her if she'd been looking out front, which is where the cab would be. She said yes. So I called the damn cab company again, and the woman says the cab has been waiting out front for 15 damn minutes.

I hate working in here.


~Tonia~ said...

Hopefully it was just a rough day and not what it is like all the time.

Elaine said...

I also hate talking on the phone and do most of my interactions by e-mail or in person. Strangely I work for the phone company. Sigh.

Tomorrow will be a better day.

rita said...

It was a normal front-office day, Tonia. Fortunately I don't have to work there often. I wouldn't do that job for twice the pay. Actually, I get more for copying stuff because I have more years than the front office secretary does.

I'll do almost anything to avoid talking on the phone. I loved caller id; if I didn't want to talk to that person, I didn't answer. (We don't have it now; I don't know if our WV phone company even offers it. It rhymes with Verizon.) Damn answering machines anyway, although I'd rather leave a message than actually talk to a human.

And today is much better. I'm back in the copy room.

tom said...

I also hate talking on the phone, although leaving messages are worse, I think. Well it's a toss up. Glad you're back in copying mode. Glad you're happier. Glad tomorrow is Saturday. Why am I still working at 8:30 pm on Friday night?

Repeat after me: get a life, get a life, get a life. Well I am taking a break and reading your blog. Ha - I do have a life, afterall.

Georgi said...

I hate the phone alos, however I am on it all day in my job, which means i refuse to answer the phone on the weekends and evenings. This realllly pisses off friends and family, but I do not care. Sometimes you just have to take a stand.

rita said...

I was going to write stuff about the phone, but it looks so bad that I had to delete it. Good thing I went through counseling a few years ago.