Monday, February 23, 2009


We woke up to a little snow this morning. Unfortunately it was only on the WV side of things, so I had to go to work at the usual time.

We had a nice, quiet weekend at home. I did a lot of reading (I'm on book 3 of the Twilight series), watched the last two episodes of 24 on the laptop, watched "Little Miss Perfect" on WE (I know one of the mother/daughter teams on last week's show), and knit a LOT.

So, did any of you see "Little Miss Perfect", and if so, I'd love to hear your thoughts. Honestly, I expected it to be a lot harsher on the moms. A has done pageants since she was 6 months old and I've gone to a lot of them, so I know what goes on behind the scenes. "Pageant Mom" has a bad connotation, and for good reason. My daughter, though, is one of the good ones. She doesn't cut down the competition or bad mouth anyone; she goes out of her way to be helpful to the others, loaning (and borrowing) clothing and accessories, doing hair and makeup for other kids. She buys dresses and other clothing on ebay and removes the "stuff" already on it, then takes it apart and resews it to fit A, adding crystals and beading and coming up with something that no one else has. One dress A wore for over two years; J would change the neckline, add and subtract bows and glitz and change things around. I think she's still using that dress; J has saved big bucks that way.

I enjoyed watching that show because I know some of the people, and because A and J were asked to participate way back last summer while I was visiting. The producer and a couple of helper monkeys came to their house and interviewed the family, asking leading questions. They emphasized that this was to be a positive reflection of pageant participation, but the questions they asked led us to believe otherwise. J and M decided that it wasn't in A's best interest to be on the show. I think it was a wise decision.

Okay, the knitting. I've almost finished those legwarmers. I actually finished the second one; then, since I'd forgotten to use smaller needles on the ankle and foot of the first one, I pulled all of that out and started over at the ankle. I've turned the heel, so it shouldn't take too much longer to finish it. The foot was just too big to stuff into my clogs, so I'm going for the footless variety.

No photos. I haven't even taken the camera out of the bag for a while. But I do have this photo of Chester and Zippy:


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

That is such a cute picture of Zippy and Chester. I never keep Zip refrigerated when he stays at my house, though.

I did find the WE network and watched part of "Little Miss Perfect," but I didn't see the whole thing, so, to be fair, I'll reserve comment until I see a whole episode. The pageant director/coach was certainly an interesting man, though! The one thing that came across in the part I saw was how much money these families were spending for one pageant.

rita said...

Zippy seems to prefer being refrigerated, or at least sleeping in a box that's supposed to be refrigerated, or something like that.

I think that a lot of my outlook comes from being exposed to this culture over almost 9 years, and knowing just how bad that one mom can be (they showed her saying that if you think pageants are bad, then you must have an ugly child--that's MILD for her!), and hearing so much worse in person.

Yep, they spent a ton on that ONE pageant. Multiply that times 4 a month, or 12 a year, or whatever. The dresses and stuff can be used again, but the entrance fees are phenomenal sometimes.

A has won enough to pay back a lot of the fees. That helps.

Yes, the director. That's pretty typical!!!

Anonymous said...

Betty said...

She said if you think pageants are bad, you must have an ugly child??! Oh my! Kara couldn't believe how the mom, who was in the audience, was doing the whole talent routine, along with the child....she thought that was a bit odd!

Knitting Nurd said...

LOL...I sure hope you don't refrigerate your pets! That's a very funny AND cute pic of Zip and Chester!!!

rita said...

The mom doing the routine thing is NOTHING. I'm used to that. Most of them do it, especially in the 10-and-under crowd. And yes, that's what the mom said, very matter of factly. She's not nice.

~Tonia~ said...

Love the picture of Zippy and Chester.

Nope, I didn't watch "Little Miss Perfect". Pageant shows tend to piss me off, just the way most of the mothers are rubs me the wrong way. So I tend to steer clear of the shows.

Urban Mom said...

Just saying hi and thanks for your comment. Glad to know that someone else is doing the Twilight thing right now! It seems like everyone out there either is reading/has read the series or knows someone who has and is warning them off, despite not being able to quit them. Weird stuff, huh????

Anywhoooo, pleased to meetcha!