Friday, October 03, 2008

No wonder my shoulder hurts

This is the bag that I carry with me. Everywhere. Every day.

It must weigh 25 pounds. I don't know what's so heavy, unless it's that book that I'm reading for the library's book club. It's really thick. Yarn isn't that heavy. I have my wrap yarn in the lovely Walmart bag and my emergency backup knitting in the cute little tote bag. I have a couple of knitting books in there, a newspaper or two, some other crap, and I'm not digging any farther in there. It's scary. Stuff gets all compacted in the bottom and I'm not going through it now.

At least I don't have a laptop to lug around now. Like that's any solace.


Jenny Girl said...

My husband calls me the bag lady, becasue I always have at least 2 bags with me every day. SOmetimes 3. I feel your pain sister :0

Elaine said...

I'm a bag lady too! I always have a least a couple of WIP along just in case I have a few minutes. Like HA!

rita said...

All reight! We should start a society.