Monday, October 06, 2008

My weekend

Gorgeous weather, nice and sunny and warm. Kind of end-of-summer warm, with the trees turning color and the threat of frost soon. I think that this is the latest we've gone without frost for a long while. I hope it continues. I'm enjoying my geraniums.

I gave the SAT on Saturday morning, which is good for about $100. It takes about 6 hours, but it's worth it. Then we went home after eating in a pizza place that we've always liked but seems to have lost its charm (what little it had). If you like observing the people who come out of the boonies on a Saturday afternoon, it's a good place.

I'm on Cipro for 10 days for yet another UTI, and it's doing a number on me. At least, I hope that's what it is. I've felt like someone pulled the plug on me, just totally drained. The first thing I did was check my lips and gums; they're not white, so I guess it's not stomach bleeding again.

So basically I slept all day Saturday after we got home. I had a low-grade fever, so I couldn't get comfortable; either too hot or two cold. I didn't even go outside in the sun, although it would have done my vitamin D levels some good. I got up and ate a little supper then went back to bed. Tom was up and down as well. I slept until 12:30 on Sunday, then ate breakfast and went outside for a while. The sun felt so good; the sky was an incredible cloudless blue.

After that, I forced myself to mop the hardwood floor, then plopped on the couch and knit for the next few hours.

I restarted my wrap during the SAT (on size 10 needles this time) and got about 11 inches done, at which time I remembered that I was supposed to make a buttonhole at 10". Oh well, I'm tall. By the time I went to bed last night (around 7) I'd knit one ball of yarn and Tom had helped me wind the second. All was well as I wound it (I'd draped the hank over my knees, as usual, because 1) it's too much trouble to get up and get the swift and winder; and 2) neither fit on any surface in the house) until it caught on something and started tangling. Zippy sat in front of me and woofed every few seconds; I kept telling him to lie down since he'd just been outside. He continued woofing, I looked down, and there was Chester the Cat entangled in the yarn.

I should always listen to Zippy.

So that was my thrilling weekend. This morning I once again feel brochitis coming on. I'm so happy about it.

And someone (and I know who) came into my office on Saturday and rearranged the copying jobs that I'd prioritized before I left Friday and left her stack (and I mean enough pages to kill a forest) on top with ASAP written on each job. Saturday morning, during the SAT, I came into my office to run a job, found her pages, and rearranged them in my order. A couple of hours later, her things were back on top. I am so irritated.

To top it all off, several pages that have to be copied by tomorrow, 1400 pages each for the school's newsletter, had disappeared. They were on top of the stack on the printer that had also been rearranged. I've ransacked my office and they're nowhere to be found. Probably they're stuck to something she sat down and picked up. This caused a ripple of panic and a frantic attempt to get copies of the last four pages, which hadn't been saved on the secretary's computer because they were sent by someone else.

But we managed to get the copies, all is well, and she hasn't shown her face to pick up her ASAP copies (enough for the entire six weeks, come to think of it; there's no way her classes could go through all that stuff in one morning). And if she does, they won't be ready. Because I'm passive-aggressive like that.


Knitting Nurd said...

Are you taking your vitamins g/f??? I'm sorry you're feeling so drained. :=(

rita said...

Just my eye vitamins. I'm lazy. Good thing that I can sit down a lot!

Kathy said...

Oh you poor woman! Hope the worst is past and the bronchitis doesn't flare up too badly. Thanks for reminding me I dont need a swift. I make Fireman help me. We dont' have anywhere to STORE a swift.
Glad you made some headway on your knitting and yes, we do need to listen to our Zippy's

Georgi said...

You know, passive aggressive works for me, especially people who think their stuff comes first. It would be really funny if one of her jobs fell behind the machine or into file 13. Yeah, I am passive aggressive too :-) I hope your are soon feeling 100%.

rita said...

It may have happened. Not that I'd know anything about it. But since two terribly important and hard-to-dupicate pages disappeared when she messed up my stuff, I became very passive-aggressive.

I am good at that.

Jenny Girl said...

OMG! Are you freaking kidding me?
Oh no, I would have to extract some sort of revenge on her. Even if it's ordering food to her house or something.
Don't touch the stuff on my desk!
Sorry to hear you are not well, btw :(