Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The drama continues

Several people have suggested that perhaps some original copies could be misplaced. I wouldn't do anything like that. Would I?

So anyway, the terribly important ASAP copies sat on the counter in here until 3:30, as I was leaving. She strolled in and casually asked me if she'd worn me out. I just laughed and passive-aggressively headed into the bathroom. She picked up her copies and left. Didn't even notice that about half of them hadn't been done.

Since I finished all the work that I could possibly dig up this morning, I ended up finishing her stuff. But since she'd taken the instruction page with her, I couldn't remember how many copies she wanted, so I may not have copied the correct number, and the copier jammed several times and some pages may have been lost. Oh well.

I know that in the long run this kind of behavior will make more work for me, but it felt so damn good. And I put hers off until everything else had been copied.

Juvenile, yeah, but I am the passive-aggressive queen.

Some of those ASAP copies are still sitting on the counter.

This morning several teachers brought in stuff that they needed right then (can we say "plan ahead", children?), 70 or 80 copies of each set, but they brought them in themselves instead of sending a student, and they apologized for the inconvenience. And since I was already copying Thursday and Friday's stuff, it wasn't a problem.

Being polite will get you far in this world.

I'm thinking of putting out a jar labeled "Tips Appreciated". I wonder how that would be received.


tom said...

Passive-aggressive is good :-) and I love the tips idea. I'm sure that will be a big hit. You can also drop hints that you love X (fill in the blank - chocolate, nuts, yarn, ...) and bribes are always welcome. Oh maybe not.

rita said...

I tell you, Christmas better be productive!