Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Down in the hollar

Okay, I'll grudgingly admit that it is pretty in the fall.

On the wildlife front, we were visited by the Turkey family again yesterday evening. It appears to be Mrs. Turkey and her seven little ones, who have grown quite a bit since I last saw them. They were pretty brave; Momma came as far as the citrus tree out front while the rest hung out around the trees. I think that Momma was scouting out the corn, but she just didn't feel safe enough to lead the brood up to the house. She stayed between them and the house pretty much the entire time they were passing through.

I took the photos through the front window; the slightest sound sends them skittering away (alliteration!).

It looks like there's one male, or maybe I just don't know how they differ in looks.

For some reason, the following photo tickles me:

In this picture, it looks like there are two mommies, one on each end. I love the way they appear to be keeping guard on the young 'uns.

Momma got this close to the porch before she shied away:

Gotta run--later!!!


Elaine said...

Turkeys started coming back to NJ a few years ago. It really funny to see a herd of them walking around the suburbs. At night they often fly up into the trees and make weird noises.

rita said...

We hear them gobbling occasionally. It's so cool to have all this wildlife right in the yard (which is really a field between two ridges and a stream).

Knitting Nurd said...

My mom lives amongst the turkeys..we call 'em "ol' geezers" though..LOL just kidding! Seriously, she lives in a retirement community (with a lake even!)that looks like a park and the turkeys own the place. She calls the ones like you have in your pics "teenagers"...cracks me up!

Jenny Girl said...

Pretty neat wildlife as far as I'm concerned. All I have is pidgeons and my dog. And boy is she wild sleeping on her couch all day.

rita said...

I love teenage wildlife! There are 3 or 4 baby deer who are growing into that awkward stage. Poor Shorty, who is 1, is such a goof. Molly was very goofy, ran like a moose; we haven't seen him in a week or so, and I'm worried about him.

Zippy stares through the screen door at the wildlife. He wouldn't know what to do with it if he caught it. I hope.