Friday, October 17, 2008


Our cousin Jean came to the funeral on Tuesday. We saw her at her sister's motel in NC back in June, but other than that, we usually don't get together except at funerals. It's time to change that.

Jean, Joan, Betty, and me.

I'm not that fat. Really. It's a bad angle. The lighting was wrong. I was wearing a flowy silk overshirt that makes me look fat.






Trillian said...

so, what's the story on the ceramic sink and tile cleaner?

That's a nice picture. It's always good to see family one hasn't seen in a long time. I, too, seem to only see my extended family at weddings and funerals. now that my last grandparent has passed, I don't have much hope of seeing many of them again.

Kathy said...

YOu do not look fat at all. not one bit. You loook wonderful

Anonymous said...

Joan says...Rita can explain the ceramic sink and tile cleaner (as well as excellent salad dressing and dog ear cleaner) in a much better way than I...But it's good.

If I were being anonymous, I would say what an absolutely gorgeous family you have, but since I'm in it, that may not be appropriate..

It was really nice to see our cousin(s) again. It's nice to be able to talk and laugh at such a time. We really have to make it something we do whenever we want, not just when a funeral comes up.

rita said...

It really was nice to see family. Jean is so funny and we laughed so much. Such a good afternoon.

I'll tell the story of the cleaner when I have time to get it together. Of course, it's difficult since I don't have any myself......