Sunday, August 24, 2008

Mom and Dad's newest kitty

Presenting: Buster!

He won't stand still long enough to get a decent photo. He's a love bug, always going for more attention.

Being a former tomcat, he's got some serious muscles in his neck and toes. He lived outside until Mom and Dad persuaded him to move into the garage. He's in there because Kitty, the queen of the house, does not like him. At all. After I spent some time with ol' Buster, Kitty sniffed my hand, hissed loudly and stalked off.


Anonymous said...

Betty said...

I love Buster! He's such a nice kitty.

Who is holding him in the picture? I thought it was Liz, but her hair is longer than that.....?

rita said...

That's Liz. I had a really good one of the two of them, but I didn't want to put her face on the internet without her permission. I'll put yours and Joan's, but not our kids!

Elizabeth said...

OH put my face on your blog...You should see what else what else there is about me on the internet!!

heh just kidding.