Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last Train Home

I think it was about two weeks ago that we saw Last Train Home (linkie in sidebar; don't have the html worksheet file on this computer. Laptop, I miss you!) at Ashland Coffee and Tea. Great show; they did some older songs they hadn't done for a while (at least, not that I remember, and we all know what my memory is like), and that cutie, Alex McCullough, played bass guitar (last time he played steel pedal guitar). I love their music, whoever happens to be playing in the band. They're all good.

Kevin Cordt (trombone), Tom Mason (lead guitar, accordian, trombone), Alex, Eric Brace, and Dave Van Allen (steel guitar). Drummer Martin Lynd is in the background, unseen.

Tom Mason tells a good, dramatic, funny musical story.

They're incredible. If you ever get the chance, go see them.

I have their cd and dvd, Live from the IOTA, to give away in a contest. I just haven't thought up a good contest. Any ideas?

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