Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chester the Cat


Knitting Nurd said...

You're right Rita! Chester and Snicks do look alike!!! lol

rita said...

They're both beautiful and have minds of their own!!!

Knit and fall back in it said...

What a handsome kitty.

Anonymous said...

Buster is a BIG boy! I love the yorkie sweater...especially the purple fun fur ! *L*

I wonder, what's your final opinion on knitting with beads...because i've been jonseing for an "Ice Queen" and it's got beads..hence it keeps ending up on the bottom of the pile of patterns. I love the red striped socks too, hwo do you do the ruffle on top? My daughter would LOVE that....I'm wanting to knit some socks out of my lace weight because I'm tired already of lace shawls. Alright, I think I covered all comments in one block!


rita said...

Yorkie people like glitz, so I give 'em glitz!

I hate knitting with beads, but I'll do it again. The result is worth the aggravation and pain of stringing those damn beads one at a stinking time. Just keep the kitty away from the damn beads!

The socks are from They're my absolute favorites, but I can't knit them every time because the stupid chart trips me up, and the ruffle eats up yarn, so Claudia's yarn isn't long enough. I added some Knitpicks I had on hand to the Red Wagon socks to make them long enough. I like long socks.

Look at the pattern to see how to do the decreases after the ruffle. It's easy and so cute.

Courtney said...

Hey is very cute...I want a kitty :-( :-( But my doggies are kitty haters :-(