Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday morning

I was baaaad all last week and all weekend, although not as bad as I could have been. I ate french fries and greasy stuff, then Friday night we ate at 202 Market in Roanoke (I hope/plan to write more about them later; right now the custodians are breathing down my neck because they want to do the office floor), which has incredible food, and I even ate dessert. I rarely eat dessert, but this was their own freshly-made ice cream, and I couldn't resist it.

So, anyway, I figured I'd gained a couple of pounds. Nope. I'm down one more pound, to 11 total. Why, oh why, aren't my clothes fitting better??? Gotta work on that.

P.S. Our dsl modem at home gave up the ghost over the weekend while we were gone. No internet connection. Oh the humanity.

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