Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Back to reality

You know, real life isn't so hard to deal with when it's warm and all of summer is ahead. I had a great time in Orlando with my daughter, J, and her family. A totally unexpected, unplanned week in Florida was just what I needed. I think that J appreciates that I flew down so quickly after she saw the doctors, and I appreciate the school that I work for, for letting me go to my daughter when I needed to.

So I'll work all of June. I did that last year, so it's no big deal. I won't get much extra pay since I have to work off those 5 days I missed last week, and probably a couple of sick days, but I don't mind. It's so nice to work here when everyone's gone (except the summer school people, but they won't be in this hall too much); we got so much done after school was out last year.

And it is hot; yesterday was 96 at one point. But it wasn't as humid, and it felt good when I was outside; the school building, as I noted before, is so stinking cold all the time. Oh well. I can deal with it.

It's summer.


Antevasin said...

It's so nice when you work with/for people that can work with you when 'life' happens! Soon, you'll be leaving for my neck of the woods...woohoooo!!!!

rita said...

This is a good place to be. I don't know what will happen here next year; everything is changing, but I've got a job. That's enough for now!

A and I are emailing and planning what she wants to see. I'll let you know as soon as I can when we'll be around your area. What fun it'll be!