Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Weekend music

We're off again this weekend to see Eric Brace (of Last Train Home) and Peter Cooper (see Red Beet Records, Eric's label) at Ashland Coffee & Tea. Great music, great place to listen to it.

Peter has a new cd, Mission Door, on Red Beet Records. From what I've heard of it, it's beautiful music and he has a beautiful voice.

We're looking forward to hearing the two of them together.


Knit and fall back in it said...

Sounds like fun. Have a good time!

rita said...

It will be, and we will!

Antevasin said...

That's what I miss about Lexington. We don't have any good local music here in Roseville..that I'm aware of anyway. So sad. Thanks for sharing yours!! :=)

rita said...

We're lucky to have so many venues in reasonable driving distance!!!

When are you going to Lexington again?