Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Almost FO

I finished the last row last night and started--or so I thought--the castoff. Um, yeah. That didn't go so well. I thought it was a perfectly normal castoff, but the way it's written, I just can't get my mind around it. So I tried one, it wasn't right, and put it aside to ask Claudia about it today.

This isn't a good representation of the beauty and color of this yarn, but with the flash, the brown was far too red. It need sunlight, and it's pouring again today. I finished it last night after the sun went down, of course.

I was knitting this from one huge (500 grams) ball of yarn, all from one hank, which was a bear to wind into a ball by hand. I didn't want any ends to weave in. Chester decided to change that.

Chester the Cat is very very naughty when it comes to yarn. He doesn't play with it and get it tangled in knots. He doesn't grab it like Zippy does and drag it down the hall, completely unharmed. He's a Stealth Yarn Cutter. He sneaks up when I leave my knitting for only a minute and chews the yarn in half, then sneaks off. I usually don't know it's happened till I come to a wet section of yarn and realize that something's amiss.

With this knit, I've been extremely careful to keep the yarn out of Chester's reach. I don't leave it sitting for even a second. I've kept the yarn in the plastic bag in a Sephora bag, pulling out just enough to knit with. But in one unguarded moment when I pulled out too much, he cut it.

(Why is Blogger turning photos on their sides? I don't have time to delete and reupload this morning.)

So there are a couple extra ends to be woven in. I hate weaving in ends.

Damn cat.


Trillian said...

wow! those are some great deals on flat screen tvs

whats the gauge on that? It would take me a year to knit something with that many stitches. looks great though, i like the detail along the edges.

my cats are pretty good about not destroying my knitting.

rita said...

Size 4 needles, size 6 to bind off. It's small but will be huge when blocked. She said to block the hell out of it; it'll be almost lacy then. It's all garter stitch.

The detail is simply slip first stitch, knit one, yo, then knit.

We have two other cats that don't touch my yarn. For some reason, Chester the Cat is a yarn cutter. He does nothing else, just cuts and runs.

Antevasin said...

LOL..I couldn't for the life of me understand what trillian meant about great deals on flat screen tvs. Huh? What? I had to reread your post and then saw the ad when I enlarged the picture. LOL
Your Chester does what my Snick L. Fritz does. One time he left me with about a 3 inch tail giving me barely enough for a Russian join. Ugh. Funny, he doesn't touch the finished project, only ones in the works.

rita said...

Me too--I had to go back and look at the photo to see what she meant! And there are some good deals...... Every store is looking to help spend those "incentive" checks!

I had to cover up some photos of the kids; I don't like to show their faces, and it's too easy on my blog to find their general location; maybe I'm being too cautious, but anyway, J won't let me show their faces!

Chester doesn't touch my finished projects (except to sleep on them or burrow under them) either, but he's hell on bare yarn! I wonder why they do that? I know that cats love yarn, but he makes a special point of chewing only yarn that I'm using. Tons of it in the back room, but he doesn't touch that.