Friday, April 04, 2008

Weight update

It's only been a couple of days, but I'm working on it. I'm not eating a bunch of crap at home or school, and I make myself think, "Am I really hungry?" before I eat anything. Usually it's just habit. I read and I eat. I watch tv and I eat. I knit and I eat (only non-greasy things, though). I eat and I read--that's a bad habit, because not only is it impolite, it reinforces the reading-eating connection.

I'm even drinking green tea this morning, but I have to confess that it's only because the Pepsi machine in my teachers center is out of Pepsi, and the office downstairs was locked when I got here (at stinking 6:37 a.m. this morning, thankyouverymuch) (yes, I know that's redundant, that's why I wrote it that way). So I'll probably still get a Pepsi in a few minutes when I go down to work in the attendance office.

But I weighed myself on these old office scales, and I'm 4 pounds lighter than Wednesday. I'm sure it's water weight and I know you're not supposed to weigh yourself every day because fluctuations like that can be depressing (supposed I drank a lot of water last night and didn't get up to pee several times and weighed more this morning?), but I'll probably do it anyway.

Thanks for your support!


Anonymous said...

Betty says...

Okay, I've tried to post twice and have lost the reply both times, so I hope they won't all show up at the same time. If they do, please delete them!

Congratuations on the 4 pounds!

You are right...that Over 35 diet was a killer. The weight fell off, but it had me craving sugar for a long, long time. And, it cost us our gallbladders. Losing that gallbladder has made my IBS a thousand times worse, so I have paid big time. I will never give up sugar again, although I am trying to cut back. I will never use sugar substitutes again, either, since the studies on those show that they are very bad for us. Pepsi is here to stay, though...I have to have one vice, right??

rita said...

Yeah, losing our gallbladders didn't improve our lives any, except for cutting down the number of attacks!

I've resisted Pepsi successfully so far today (2:14 p.m.). I had a cup of hot green tea this morning so I won't have a headache. I'm definitely not saying I won't have Pepsi ever again; probably will tomorrow or the next day. Just today, I'm not having any.

Ain't giving up no sugar, either, although I haven't had that today. Whoops, yes I did, a teacher gave me two goooood truffles!

Everyone has to have one vice. Unfortunately, I have too many.