Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Last week I was measured for a bra for the first time in my life. I went to Soma, which is a part of the Chico's group. Since for some reason my bras don't fit, I decided to buy a good one and have it fit.

You see, I didn't have boobs until about 10 years ago. I certainly didn't when I was a teenager. Pregnancy helped for a short time, but then they deflated and were smaller than ever. But I was skinny, too.

Enter perimenopause, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and depression. I stopped exercising (I was in good shape when J was a Jazzercise instructor and I got to take free classes), gained weight, lost 25 pounds after surgery for reflux (8 weeks on a semi-liquid diet), and over the last 5 years I slowly gained it back. Now I'm 7 pounds above my pre-surgery weight, and I've got boobs.

My clothes don't fit. Anything that buttons up the front just gapes open. (Okay, not just at the boobage area now. Also the gut area.) So I was measured for a bra and got one that reduces the bust by 1". I was so impressed that I bought two of them.

Oh my goodness. No jiggling when I walk. My tops fit so much better. I love these bras! (I can't post a link--blocked because it's "provocative attire". Like the kids can't find their way to porn sites here.)


Anonymous said...

Betty says....

I have heard that Soma stuff is very nice. Since they are related to Chicos, I figured they had to be good. Congratulations on finding the perfect fit!

rita said...

I wish I'd bought their no-ride-up panties. They sure look nice!